How Boom25 increased genuine user-generated content by 200%

Using Innercircle

Meet Boom25

Boom25 is an young UK-based startup in the
e-commerce realm with a goal of creating and exciting and rewarding online shopping experience. Featuring thousands of retailers, Boom25 awards every 25th shopper via their site up to a 100% cashback return on their purchase.

Increase In Ambassador Lifetime Value
Increase in User-Generated Content
Increase in Genuine Google Reviews
Increase In Social Media Followers

The Challenge

With a large social presence of 100,000 Facebook members, Boom25 found it difficult to manage their online community effectively, as well as engage high-value customers in ways that would drive high organic growth for their business.
Boom25’s team began searching for effective ways to boost user engagement with their brand. One of their objectives early on was to develop an open channel of communication between their marketing teams and top shoppers on the platform.
The Boom25 team believed strongly that by directly engaging their core community of users – or power users – they would be able to drive authentic forms of social proof which in turn would lead to increased brand trust and sales.

The Solution

Innercircle is an innovative platform for companies to identify their power users, build stronger relationships, get insights, and accelerate business growth.

 Innercircle’s platform allows you to create missions for power users, crowdsource social proof through user generated content to maximize brand reach & awareness by letting power users organically tell your story for you.

Boom25's Results

500 pieces of User-Generated Content

In 5 months!

By leveraging user-generated content, Boom25 managed to strengthen brand trust among its users and boost customer acquisition.

1,200+ Genuine reviews

On Third Party Websites​

By encouraging past customers to share positive brand experiences through social media, forums and review boards, Boom25 was able to successfully drive a 70% increase in organic growth.

15% Increase In Ambassador Lifetime Value​

By using Innercircle to run purchase competitions and promotional engagements, Boom25 saw an incredible increase in sales and a 300% increase in verticals they chose to focus on.

60% Increase In Social Media Followers​

By successfully encouraging their power-users to share content on social media, Boom25 saw a steady and organic growth of their social media following.

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