How an E-commerce Startup Leveraged Social Proof to Boost Sales by 300%

While nearly all marketers understand the power of social proof, it’s still unclear to many businesses how social proof directly impacts a business’s bottom line. Let’s delve into it.  

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Boom25 and how their teams leveraged the Innercircle platform to understand their audience, drive social proof, and above all – improve sales. 

About Boom25

A UK-based e-commerce startup, Boom25 is an online shopping platform that aims to put customers front and center in the shopping experience. Their core service is simple: award every 25th shopper on the platform with a full refund on their purchase. 

The Challenge

With a large social presence of 100,000 Facebook members, Boom25 found it difficult to manage their online community effectively, as well as engage high-value customers in ways that would drive high organic growth for their business. 

Boom25’s team began searching for effective ways to boost user engagement with their brand. One of their objectives early on was to develop an open channel of communication between their marketing teams and top shoppers on the platform. 

The Boom25 team believed strongly that by directly engaging their core community of users –– or power users –– they would be able to drive authentic forms of social proof which in turn would lead to increased brand trust and sales. 

A key component of their social proof strategy was the use of user-generated content (UGC) to establish strong credibility within their online and social media channels. By leveraging user-generated content, Boom25 was looking to strengthen brand trust among its users to boost customer acquisition, lower marketing costs, and raise their ROI’s bottom line.

The Results

“Innercircle has helped us tremendously in reaching new and untapped customers, promoting our product through cross-channel marketing, and creating brand visibility beyond our market reach.”


1. Strengthened Brand Trust

By encouraging past customers to share positive brand experiences through social media, forums and review boards, Boom25 was able to successfully drive a 70% increase in organic growth. Considering that 45% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, Boom25 understood early on the need for cross-channel content distribution on online platforms their customers may be engaging with.

2. Increased Sales

While using Innercircle to create purchase competitions and promotional engagements, Boom25 saw an incredible increase in sales. As a result of strengthening brand trust, Boom25 was able to see a 300% increase in verticals they chose to focus on, and in some cases even higher. 

3. Lower Marketing Costs

To wrap it all up, the cherry on top of it all was Boom25’s lowered marketing costs. By relying on social proof strategies that drove organic marketing efforts, Boom25 was spending less money per acquisition –– which meant they were making more bang for their buck. 


Before using Innercircle, Boom25 struggled to identify core audiences and engage power users in ways that would benefit their business’s organic growth efforts. With Innercircle the Boom25 team was able to easily identify high-value users, target them with brand-incentivized challenges, and convert them into returning customers with higher LTVs. As a growing company, Boom25 believed these strategies were critical to their marketing efforts, leveraging Innercircle to drive high growth and keep costs low.

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