How to Build an Advocacy Program That Won’t Bleed You Dry

Having a brand advocacy program is the most effective and cost-efficient way to drive organic growth in your marketing efforts. Getting your most loyal, engaged users to advocate for your brand is not only a guaranteed way to drive user acquisition but user retention too.

On average, power users are 5X more valuable and spend at least 2X as much as average users. Leveraging top users to create user-generated content, provide feedback, and refer friends is a reliable way to keep power users engaged and active. But what exactly is an advocacy program, and how do you create one that works? Let’s take a look at its essential elements.

Creating a Brand Advocacy Program

  1. 1. Set Goals

    First off, any successful program needs a goal. Ask yourself what the outcome is for your marketing efforts. Whether it be acquiring more users or raising brand awareness, try and get specific by putting a number to it. Having a goal in mind can give you and your business a measurable metric to work towards, so you know you’re hitting the mark or not.

2. Identify Power Users

Knowing who your power users are is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than leveraging them. Users with the most potential are usually the ones who are already engaging with your brand. Whether that be on social media or off, you can identify power users through their behaviors, like providing feedback, referring friends, or praising you online. Identify these users and begin building relationships with them – they’re your brand’s most valuable asset.

3. Engage and Share the Success

Start to engage with those who engage you. If this doesn’t happen organically, you can incentivize them to get involved through reward programs using points, gifts, or special offers created exclusively for them. When you strategize about how to engage your key users, think out of the box and get creative. There are many tools you can use to start a conversation with them and get them active in engaging with your brand. By giving users an outlet to express themselves, you’re showing them their unique voice and perspective is valued, and the content they create is too.

4. Create exclusivity

Your most valued users need to feel valued, so don’t just treat them like any old run of the mill user. Nurture a personal relationship with them that’s built on trust and open communication. This will help your most special users feel, well, special. Make sure your power users know this by reminding them of the value they are providing and the mutual benefit of the relationship you are co-creating.

If you show users they are appreciated and recognized, they’ll return the favor by strengthening their loyalty and becoming strong brand advocates. Developing a hierarchy to advocacy involvement can also help create an environment of exclusivity to your program that’s even more appealing. Give these users the ability to use new features first, invitations to special events, and exclusive behind the scenes access.

5. Amplify

Once your power users are activated, engaged and sharing, why not take things a step further? Leverage the content and value they provide by sharing their message beyond social in ads, endorsements, and digital environments like websites and forums. Help them get their message further by amplifying their voices across your channels and platforms.

6. Measure Impact

Whether you’re building your advocacy program using tools like Innercircle or a simple Google Spreadsheet, ensure you have the tools you need to track and measure the impact of your advocacy efforts. After all, why invest time and money into campaigns that you’re unsure are paying off? Some simple metrics and questions you should be looking at are:

Activate, Nurture, Repeat

Keep in mind your advocacy program isn’t a quick win but there are ways to get started tomorrow. A great advocacy program should strategize for the long haul. Think about how to keep your relationships fresh and engaged, and continue to promote evergreen content your top users generate. Show your users you really care and they’ll reward you back with loyalty and a strong commitment to your brand and product.

Easily tailor your own advocacy program with Innercircle’s outstanding platform:

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