How to Grow Your Marketing Performance Without Growing Your Payroll

An organic marketing strategy can be a powerful tool for driving organic traffic to your brand’s marketing channels. A proper strategy generates traffic for your business naturally over time and saves your business both time and money. 

Rather than setting a hefty budget aside for paid advertising efforts, it may be beneficial for your business to tap into resources it already has at its disposal in order to drive user engagement, acquisition and retention. In a nutshell, anything you don’t spend money on directly – think blog posts, webinars, and social media updates – falls under organic marketing. That newsletter you just sent out? That’s organic. So is any user-generated content your customers share. 

Most small businesses spend 1% of their sales on marketing. This a lot of sense if you’re trying to boost your business on a tight budget. While the term ‘organic marketing’ doesn’t mean your business hasn’t invested any money, it just means the resources you’re leveraging aren’t monetary. Instead with organic marketing you’re investing in your market strategy in order to build stronger relationships with customers.

How to Boost Organic Marketing Efforts

Tap Into Power Users

Power users are a brand’s most active and engaged customers. They rave about products they love, give the best feedback, and on average have a higher brand loyalty across the board. Plus, they know your product or service better than anyone else.

Your power users are an invaluable resource many small businesses often forget about. As you look for ways to grow your small business, consider turning to your most engaged customers to join the effort. Because, well let’s face it, who knows your product or service better than the customers who use it most? Recognize your most valuable customers for their true value, and they’ll reward you right back with loyalty and trust. 

Drive Engagement

In today’s participatory culture, views are no longer enough. Today brands must aim to engage customers on a deeper level in order to foster long-term loyalty. Forming a strategy for brand engagement is essential to any small business as you encourage existing fans and potential new customers to like, share, comment and contribute.

Research now shows that humans feel neurologically rewarded when sharing our personal thoughts and experiences, similar to the feeling we have when we are satiated by food. In marketing terms, this translates into selfies, food pics, check-ins, comments and posts. As simple as it may sound, the truth is that people like to share –– and increasingly, want to be engaged.

Leverage Social Proof

While nearly every marketer today understands the power of social proof, it’s still unclear to many how social proof can directly impact their bottom line. If you’re still new to using social proof as a way to drive organic growth, check out this article to learn more about the psychology behind the strategy. 

Social proof can positively impact your business in many ways. Leveraging organic social proof has the potential to drive sales, build brand trust, and raise your marketing effort’s ROI. In the good ol’ days, when customers had positive experiences with a product or service, they’d share it by telling others around them. 

Nowadays, brand experiences are shared organically through social media, reaching hundreds of other potential customers. By encouraging consumers to share their love for your brand, you’re essentially paving the way for your most loyal customers to share your brand story for you.


A cohesive organic marketing strategy has the potential to create a more authentic customer experience, strengthen loyalty, and most importantly, boost sales. Now, instead of selling directly to consumers in order to drive viral market growth, your small business can tap into its most loyal and passionate customers to do the selling for you. 

With tools like Innercircle, any business can drive organic social proof effortlessly. By incentivizing your most loyal and engaged power users to share their positive experiences and tell your brand story themselves, you’ll be giving your brand’s most valuable mouthpiece an outlet –– and growing your business organically.

So what are you waiting for?

Start leveraging your most valuble asset and cut down on your marketing expenses:

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