How Livia increased
genuine Trustpilot reviews
by 104%

Using Innercircle

Increase in Authentic User-Generated Content
Increase in Genuine Trustpilot Reviews
Increase Facebook Rating
Increase In Social Engagement

Meet Livia

Livia is a young company that combines the worlds of medicine and technology to provide a drug-free wearable solution for instant relief of menstrual related pain.

The Challenge

Early on, Livia was already ahead of the pack by identifying the power that social proof can have on their marketing and sales. They started engaging with customers through email and social media to convince them to leave positive reviews, engage with their brand online, and create user-generated content.

While it was clear their efforts were yielding good results, their individual, manual outreach was laborious, time-consuming and simply not scalable. This sent them on a mission to find a platform that would allow them to scale their customer outreach and exponentially grow their social proof.

The Solution - Innercircle

Innercircle is an innovative platform for companies to identify their power users, build stronger relationships, get insights, and accelerate business growth.

Innercircle’s platform allows you to scale your customer engagement efforts, creating automated campaigns for your power users and propelling them to be your brand’s online ambassadors.

Livia's Results

104% increase in genuine trustpilot reviews

Innercircle’s platform enabled Livia to create automated outreach campaigns, allowing them to engage with many more customers than would be possible if done manually.

These campaigns resulted in a surge of new Trustpilot reviews, further strengthening Livia’s online presence and brand reliability.

From a Rating of 3.9 to 4.5

36% increase in just a few months!

By using Innercircle’s platform to identify their most satisfied customers and directly communicate with them on a large scale, Livia was able to incentivize them to leave positive reviews on their Facebook page. This resulted in achieving a nearly 5 star review!

300 new pieces of real UGC

created and uploaded by real customers

By encouraging genuine user-generated content, Livia was able to strengthen brand trust, stand out on social media and increase customer acquisition by bolstering their social proof.

Innercircle’s platform made it easy for Livia to scale their customer engagement effort and propel their customers to generate content en masse

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