How Nintendo Israel – TorGaming – Revolutionized The Way They Engage With Their Community

Using Innercircle

Participation Rate in Ambassador Program
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Increase in New Genuine Content
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Nintendo Israel community

Nintendo is one of the most beloved gaming companies on the planet. That is very much thanks to the fact that they recognize the importance of their community of users. 

Nintendo is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to maintain a close-knit relationship with their customers and staying one step ahead of the game. They are constantly looking for ways to put their users forefront and center.


The Challenge

Customer engagement is important for every business, but even more so for gaming companies that rely on vibrant communities to keep their brand alive and relevant. In fact, the various communities are so active that it can prove difficult for companies, even like Nintendo, to give the level of attention that they strive for to each user.

Nintendo was searching for a solution that would increase both the quality and quantity of their daily communication with their users and their overall involvement and engagement.

The Solution - Innercircle

Innercircle is an innovative platform for companies to identify their power users, build stronger relationships, get insights, and accelerate business growth.

Innercircle’s platform allows you to scale your customer engagement efforts, creating automated campaigns for your power users and propelling them to be your brand’s online ambassadors.

70% Increase in User-Generated Content

online tutorials, Unboxing & Reviews created by real gamers

By encouraging genuine user-generated content, Nintendo was able to strengthen brand trust, stand out on social media and increase customer acquisition by bolstering their social proof.

Using Innercircle’s platform, Nintendo was able to encourage their users to create organic tutorials, walk-throughs, and reviews of their games and consoles.

62% increase in organic posts

about Nintendo games and consoles

Innercircle’s platform enabled Nintendo to create automated outreach campaigns, allowing them to target specific communities with tailor-made themes.

These campaigns resulted in a substantial increase in organic posts about Nintendo games and consoles online.

50% rise in engagement

on social media platforms

By using Innercircle’s platform to identify their most active customers and directly communicate with them on a large scale, Nintendo was able to turn their customers into brand ambassadors across their various communities.

Instead of more customer reps, Nintendo’s service team has been bolstered by an army of users who actively engage with one another–answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and much, much more.

One thing is for sure, if a company like Nintendo can give each of their users such personal and tailored treatment, SMBs can’t afford anything less.

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