How Panda Increased
Genuine Reviews by 58%

Using Innercircle

Meet Panda

Panda is a young e-commerce company specializing in innovative high-quality Mattresses. Panda’s memory-foam mattresses are delivered in a box to the customer’s home and include a 100-day trial period.

Increase In User Generated Content
Increase in Genuine Facebook Reviews
Increase in Genuine Google Reviews
Increase In Social Engagement

The Challenge

As a young and emerging  e-commerce company, one of Panda’s top priorities was their online reviews. Panda found it difficult to encourage off-site product reviews in a large scale and have them drip in regularly. Every negative online feedback had a very strong effect on the company’s sales and Panda needed a way to channel their satisfied customers to leave positive feedback. 

Another challenge Panda encountered was creating authentic product-related content. The company had a few successful collaborations with influencers who created content for them, however, Panda wanted their actual customers to create similar content at a much lower price and more authentically. 

The Solution

Innercircle is an innovative platform for companies to identify their power users, build stronger relationships, get insights, and accelerate business growth.

 Innercircle’s platform allows you to create missions for power users, crowdsource social proof through user generated content to maximize brand reach & awareness by letting power users organically tell your story for you.

Panda's Results

58% Increase In Reviews

On both Facebook & Google reviews

By using Innercircle’s platform to identify their top customers and directly communicate with them on a large scale, Panda acquired the tools to mobilize their customers.

By encouraging past customers to share positive brand experiences through social media, forums and third-party review platforms, Panda was able to successfully drive a 58% increase in genuine online reviews.

75% Increase In UGC

Over 250 new pieces of content and media made by real customers

By encouraging genuine user-generated content and leveraging it, Panda has managed to strengthen brand trust, stand out on social media and increase customer acquisition by improving their advertising creatives.

Innercircle’s platform made it easy for Panda to initiate their customers’ self-generated content creation and collect it en masse.

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