How Slink Streamlines
Product Feedback

Using Innercircle

Meet Slink

Slink is making life easier for creative artists worldwide with their digital business cards. Using Slink, users can place all their social media and rich media content like Youtube videos, Spotify artist links, etc., in one easily accessible place. 

Alongside the virtual cards, Slink also has physical cards which can be tapped on any phone, instantly transferring their holder’s details.

The Challenge​

Slink is a lean start-up with a small core team that deals with all aspects of the company, from programming and product development to marketing and customer success.

However, the many hats worn by the employees don’t leave enough time to focus on content creation and marketing that the company needed. Without the larger marketing budget often afforded to bigger companies, hiring more staff just wasn’t an option. Ismet Osman, CEO of Slink, had to get creative.

“My aim was to get my growing user base to become advocates and to create content for me...”

The Solution

Slink’s first step towards this goal was using the Innercircle platform to create user groups with their most engaged “power users”. These were people that the Slink team knew were already active online and would most likely be willing to become their brand ambassadors.

Through the platform, Slink was able to easily create various campaigns tailored to their different segment groups. They could easily set up goals and tasks, like following their social channels, uploading original content, and referring friends. The dashboards enabled Slink to identify and track which users were completing the tasks they had set up, attribute rewards to their accounts, and further understand their user base.

Slink also found that simply having a link to the Innercircle platform on their own website encouraged users to follow through with missions created for their ambassadors and largely increase online engagement with their brand.

Moreover, using Innercircle’s customer engagement tools, Slink was also able to give their power users early access to beta features and receive valuable feedback that fed into their product development cycle.

Slink's Results

Streamlined product feedback

By creating exclusivity amongst their power users, Slink was able to incorporate them into their internal product development process, receiving invaluable feedback to more accurately guide their product roadmap.

Instead of releasing features and spending considerable time analysing their use, Slink can now easily encourage users to engage with beta features and provide feedback.

900% increase in Genuine Google reviews

By cleverly segmenting their users and using Innercircle’s email campaign tools, Slink was able to encourage users to leave them reviews on Google. This directly increased Slink Google reviews by 900% and raised their average rating to 4.9.

Slink’s presence on Google is extremely important for user acquisition, and the increased reviews have helped grow user confidence in their product and promote more signups through Google searches.

Boost in user generated content

Encouraging and incentivizing their users to create original content has led to an incredible boost in UGC which has helped generate a surge in organic traffic and sign ups to their website.

Instead of worrying about original content creation, Slink relies on an abundance of content that their users now generate for them. Not only does this attract an incredible amount of organic traffic, but Slink can also cherry-pick the best of the best to share on their own channels.

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