How Source Outdoor increased organic online presence

Using Innercircle

Meet Source

For over three decades, Source Outdoor has been a leader in hiking and travel accessories. Available in over 25 countries, Source Outdoor are constantly pushing the envelope, developing new technologies that can take their hydration, sandal, and tactical item lines to new heights. With strong ties to the community, every year the company donates 5% of their net profits to social and environmental activities.

The Challenge​

For many years, Source Outdoor had operated offline, selling their items solely in the physical shops of third-party distributors. However, they realised that it makes much more sense, especially for SMEs, to have an independent online presence so that customers may buy directly from them, cutting out the middleman. 

While many people were familiar with their brand, Source Outdoor had to realise a fully functional e-commerce platform and find a way to reach their customers. As is the case for many e-commerce websites, they identified social media as a crucial way of making these connections. All they needed was a tool that could help them to easily engage with their audience and organically grow their presence.

“Our main marketing channel is social media which made it necessary to find a way to help our content grow organically”​

The Solution

The Source marketing team identified Innercircle as a solution to help them engage with their users and organically grow their social media presence and following in order to boost sales.

Through the platform, Source Outdoor was able to identify their power users who were most likely to engage with their brand online.

The Source team used the platform to set up a rewards scheme that incentivises users to engage with their brand through a set of tasks and missions defined by the team. They then set up custom email campaigns to target their power users while monitoring which users followed through with their calls-to-action.

The Innercircle platform also helped the Source team keep track of all the online engagement which was happening as a result of their schemes and email campaigns.

“Every morning I open my day with going into the Innercircle platform to keep track of all the events and interactions that took place the day before”

As a travel supplier, Source Outdoor also wanted to encourage their users to upload original content of their products and gear being used in the great outdoors and then tag them in it. This would also give the Source team a new stream of content which they could post to their own channels, tagging the content poster and further driving engagement with their community.

“Because of Innercircle, our customers are sharing more content with us online which is displayed to their whole social network as well and helps us grow organically”​​

Source's Results

13% weekly growth of Instagram followers

The Source Outdoor e-commerce strategy included a high level of growth on Instagram. This made it important to not only engage with their users but to also achieve a consistent increase in followers.

By having their users tag them in posts and upload user-generated content that engages with the Source Outdoor brand, the team managed to exponentially grow the amount of users exposed to their online presence.

This resulted in a consistent 13% week-on-week growth of Instagram followers.

60% increase in Facebook taggings

By identifying their power users, creating creative reward schemes, and engaging these users through the Innercircle platform, Source Outdoor greatly increased the level of engagement with their brand online.

As a result, the Source team saw an increase of 60% in company Facebook tagging on user posts and content.

“From the first email we sent using Innercircle we saw an immediate increasing of tagging, posting, and general engagement with our brand online.”​

10% increase in stories featuring Source Products

While being tagged and included in posts is great, there’s nothing quite like seeing travel gear in action. Therefore, the Source team also wanted live accounts of their gear being used through user stories.

By creating specific missions and tasks for their power users, encouraging them to upload stories featuring their products, the Source team was able to increase user stories featuring their brand by 10%.

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