How StickerYou Uses Innercircle To Streamline UGC & Reviews

Meet StickerYou​

StickerYou helps businesses and individuals around the world boost their brand by creating custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, and much more, of the highest quality. Using their proprietary die-cut technology, users can upload their artwork and create products exactly how they want them, with unlimited choice of shape, size, and quantity.

The Challenge​

StickerYou has been around since 2008 and has built a successful e-commerce business alongside their physical shop in Canada. They even had a decent sized social media following. 

The challenge, however, was maximizing engagement and advocacy from their best customers. They were looking for a way to get feedback and testimonials, understand what their customers like about their product, what they dislike, etc. Having a small marketing team, they were also looking for a tool that could streamline this whole process without adding too much work onto their workload.

The Solution

The Innercircle platform helped StickerYou easily segment their client base and identify the users who were most engaged with their brand. Using the platform, they could adjust target parameters and reach out to users with different levels of engagement for different campaigns at different times. They set up a variety of missions for the customers to complete, accumulating points that they could then exchange for vouchers.

“What’s so good about it is that if we were offering an Amazon gift card for example, that would just become an expense. But when we offer vouchers to our website, people will often just order more because they like the product.”

StickerYou’s initial goal with the platform was to increase their reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Using Innercircle’s user segmentation and automated email campaign tools they were able to target users that they knew would engage with their missions.

It was also important for them to encourage their customers to upload original content and tag them in it. The content generated by their users not only provided StickerYou with more content to share online, but they leveraged it to engage with and promote their users. This went a long way in building a trusting relationship with their customers. 

We've been seeing a lot more organic engagement since starting to use Innercircle. Oftentimes people will reach out to us, wanting more information about the company. So the following has grown and also the amount of conversations and direct messages, which is great because people see this content and they're curious. So there's been a general influx of love, interest and of inspiration and creativity.

StickerYou's Results

100% increase in Trustpilot reviews

Since they didn’t really have a presence on Trustpilot beforehand, StickerYou used Innercircle to identify their returning customers and streamline the process of requesting their feedback. Identifying the right people and reaching out to them just at the right time allowed StickerYou to engage happy, satisfied customers. 

This had a huge impact on their rating and online presence,  which resulted in a 100% increase in genuine reviews on Trustpilot in just a few weeks.

4.4 average rating on Google

In addition to Trustpilot, StickerYou wanted to increase both the quantity of their Google reviews and the quality of those reviews.

By creating a specific Google review mission on Innercircle, StickerYou was able to streamline their customer feedback and turn it into an automated process. Since the platform helps identify different types of customers, StickerYou was able to encourage their most engaged users to leave them reviews. 

This process managed to increase their average Google rating to 4.4 while adding hundreds of new reviews. As a result, StickerYou also noticed an improvement in their SEO, resulting in new organic traffic and sales.

“It helped us build Trustpilot to be a more...authentic review platform, because we're reaching a lot of engaged customers and people who have ordered quite a few times, and not just people who have been to the website once.”

70% increase in valuable user-generated content

As a brand dependent on social proof and photographed content, StickerYou has always tried to collect authentic media from their customers. However, the manual and time-consuming aspect of collecting content and rewarding customers for it didn’t allow to properly scale the process. 

Innercircle’s solution to this challenge allowed StickerYou to reach more customers and collect 70% more pieces of original user-generated content. Innercircle’s technological solution offers a simple easy-to-use interface that allowed StickerYou to review hundreds of new pieces of content and easily cherry-pick the highest quality photos and videos. While reviewing the content, StickerYou was also able to easily reward the customer and offer a quick response to their submissions. 

By encouraging users to upload original content, StickerYou not only received an influx of content to repurpose but were also able to learn a lot about their customers.

In fact, seeing first-hand how their customers were using their product helped them introduce new products and cater directly to the needs of their clients. For instance, after witnessing many customers using their products to create branded masks, they decided to release an iron-on face mask of their own which became incredibly popular.

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